1473 Commits (b25b7d29fcd8c80b49bba5a02a69825811719699)

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Alex b25b7d29fc
Update spdlog.wrap 1 year ago
Alex 71d7596b6f
fix: bluetooth status tooltip 1 year ago
Alex 06e699c862
Merge pull request #1087 from Synthetica9/multiple-rewrites 1 year ago
Patrick Hilhorst a03283d65f
rewriteTitle: allow multiple sequential rewrites 1 year ago
Alex ef38061edd
Merge pull request #1084 from gabegorelick/battery-discharging-full 1 year ago
Gabe Gorelick 7e13e26c29
[modules/battery] allow format-discharging-full 1 year ago
Alex 5f7329f5b9
Merge pull request #1081 from David96/master 1 year ago
David96 2213380dc0 [modules/pulseaudio] fix bluetooth class for PipeWire 1 year ago
Alex 66d8035ed1
Merge pull request #1055 from vrld/feature-rewrite-window-title 1 year ago
Matthias Richter 7cdf178f8d Document changes in manpage 1 year ago
Matthias Richter af3c868a5b Catch exception on erroneous rules 1 year ago
Matthias Richter b16c8972c7 Add option to rewrite sway/window title 1 year ago
Alex 1c9b62de07
Merge pull request #1076 from Scrumplex/add-mpd-volume-status 1 year ago
Sefa Eyeoglu fc89b01ba6
feat: implement mpd volume format template 1 year ago
Alex 70e67c5daa
Merge pull request #1074 from Anakael/feature/taskbar-ignore-list 1 year ago
dmitry 5ad3b6018a Remove exceed protected 1 year ago
dmitry ba278985e8 Add ignore-list param to wlr/taskbar 1 year ago
Alex 5300461c79 chore: v0.9.7 1 year ago
Alex d0f60c47bf
Merge pull request #1070 from jgmdev/cpumodulefix 1 year ago
Alex 07f2470e36
Merge pull request #974 from kamushadenes/patch-1 1 year ago
jgmdev f8f1e791a3 [Module CPU] fix crash due to empty frequencies. 1 year ago
Alex 729a4fe37e chore: v0.9.6 1 year ago
Alex 97e4b53cf3
Merge pull request #1061 from akheron/multi-battery-status 1 year ago
Petri Lehtinen c850212288 Use the correct battery status when multiple batteries are present 1 year ago
Alex 600afaf530
Merge pull request #1037 from Moonlight-Angel/cpu-frequency 1 year ago
Alex c21dc681c9
Merge pull request #1052 from Logarithmus/fix-sway-language-manpage 1 year ago
Artur Sinila f4ad5d36ec meson.build: add missing waybar-sway-language manpage 1 year ago
Alex f627fe3a39
Merge pull request #1051 from lunik1/disk-css 1 year ago
Alex 7b6dc33824
Merge pull request #1056 from martin2250/patch-1 1 year ago
Martin Pittermann b4ee994515
Add style for battery state "plugged" 1 year ago
Alex b1dd62078f
Merge pull request #1002 from nullobsi/master 1 year ago
nullobsi bf3efdb89c
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 year ago
lunik1 354de5f13f
style: add styling to disk module 1 year ago
Alex b4ffb8af45
Merge pull request #1050 from cmovcc/cmovcc/load-values 1 year ago
Antonin Reitz a49b12b66b Fix CPU load values 1 year ago
nullobsi 1573e1eb97
change variable instead of substr(len) 1 year ago
nullobsi 9b9daaee6f
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 year ago
Genesis 99643ba2e6
Stub parseCpuFrequencies on *BSD platforms 1 year ago
Genesis 08ea5ebe1f
Add cpu frequency 1 year ago
Alex cb1c7ea12c
Merge pull request #1032 from matteodelabre/terminate-custom-on-exit 1 year ago
Alex 1026100c9d
Merge pull request #1035 from alebastr/deferred-output-removal 1 year ago
Aleksei Bavshin 943ba3a2da
fix: schedule output destruction on idle callback 1 year ago
nullobsi bfa9f1e69b
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 year ago
Alex 4d150e9340
Merge pull request #1036 from WhyNotHugo/systemd-reload 1 year ago
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera 2019028688 Configure systemd.service file to allow reloading 1 year ago
nullobsi b4728f2e1d
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 year ago
Mattéo Delabre d8706af2ea
Terminate custom module scripts on exit 1 year ago
Alex 08e19602f7
Merge pull request #1015 from alebastr/rfkill-events 1 year ago
nullobsi b12b500bfc
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 year ago
Aleksei Bavshin e786ea601e
fix(rfkill): handle EAGAIN correctly 1 year ago