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Another Sponsorblock implementation for mpv, just a bit less minimal than mpv_sponsorblock_minimal. sha256sum and curl are required.


  • K-Anonymity
  • Skip and mute segments
  • Full video labels
  • Whitelisting channels


  • Point of interest/Highlight segments
  • Local database
  • Submitting segments or votes


The config file should be placed in script-opts/sponsorblock_lm.conf in mpv's config folder (usually $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mpv or ~/.config/mpv). Example config:

# Enderman, LockPickingLawyer
whitelisted_channels=UCWb-66XSFCV5vgKEbl22R6Q UCm9K6rby98W8JigLoZOh6FQ

Available Options

  • api_url: URL pointing to the Sponsorblock server's API. (default: https://sponsor.ajay.app/api)
  • categories: Space-seperated list of categories to skip/mute/warn. (default: sponsor interaction music_offtopic exclusive_access)
  • whitelisted_channels: Space-seperated list of channel IDs to ignore. Sponsor segments will not be fetched. Channel IDs are only fetched based on the video's title (see find_id_from_title). (default: none)
  • find_id_from_filename: Finds video ID from a filename in the form of ...-ID.three or four alphanumberic characters. (default: yes)
  • find_id_from_title: Finds video and channel ID from the video title in the form of ... (ID by CHANNELID). (default: no)

By default, pressing b will toggle between enabling and disabling Sponsorblock (segments will still be fetched) . To bind it to both b and s, add s script-binding sponsorblock_lm/toggle to mpv's input.conf. To unbind b, add b ignore.