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A fork of rimgo, an alternative frontend for Imgur which was originally based on rimgu.

License: AGPLv3 Matrix

Table of Contents


Our new documentation is now available at https://rimgo.codeberg.page/docs/!


  • Lightweight
  • No JavaScript
  • No ads or tracking
  • No sign up or app install prompts
  • Bandwidth efficient - automatically uses newer image formats (if enabled)

Differences from rimgo

  • No post metadata, tags, or comments
  • No logo
  • Pitch-black background
  • Does not proxy content from i.imgur.com


Comparing rimgo to Imgur.


Tested using Google PageSpeed Insights.

rimgo Imgur
Performance 91 28
Request count 29 340
Resource Size 218 KiB 2,542 KiB
Time to Interactive 1.6s 23.8s


Imgur collects information about your device and uses tracking cookies for advertising, this is mentioned in their privacy policy. Blacklight found 31 trackers and 87 third-party cookies.

See what cookies and trackers Imgur uses and where your data gets sent: https://themarkup.org/blacklight?url=imgur.com


Replace imgur.com or i.imgur.com with the instance domain. For i.stack.imgur.com, replace i.stack.imgur.com with the instance domain and add stack/ before the media ID. You can use a browser extension to do this automatically.

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/j2sOQkJ -> https://rimgo.bcow.xyz/gallery/j2sOQkJ Stack Overflow: https://i.stack.imgur.com/KnO3v.jpg?s=64&g=1 -> https://rimgo.bcow.xyz/stack/KnO3v.jpg?s=64&g=1

To automatically redirect Imgur links, see Redirection.


Available at https://rimgo.codeberg.page/ or https://codeberg.org/rimgo/instances


See Install.


See Configuration.


Pull requests are welcome! If you have any questions or bug reports, open an issue. Please remember to follow our Code of Conduct!


This software is released under the AGPL-3.0 license. If you make any modifications to the code and distribute it (including use on a network server), you must publicly distribute your changes and release them under the AGPL-3.0.

rimgo does not allow uploads or host any content, media. All content on any rimgo instances is from Imgur™. Imgur is a trademark of Imgur, Inc. Any issues with content on rimgo should be be reported to Imgur. rimgo is not affiliated with Imgur, Inc.