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import logging
import os
import re
import yaml
import hmac
from aiohttp import web
from telethon import TelegramClient
from telethon.utils import _get_file_info
from telethon.client.downloads import _GenericDownloadIter
with open('config.yaml') as file:
config = yaml.safe_load(file)
client = TelegramClient('streamtg', config['telegram']['api_id'], config['telegram']['api_hash'])
authorized_tokens = config.get('authorized_tokens')
hmacs = [['key'].encode(), digestmod=i['digest']) for i in config.get('hmac', ())]
port = os.environ.get('PORT', 8080)
bytes_regex = re.compile(r'^(\d*)-(\d*)$')
def verify_token(token):
return token in authorized_tokens
def verify_hmac(hexdigest, chat_id, message_ids):
text = f'{chat_id}|{"|".join(message_ids)}'.encode()
for i in hmacs:
i = i.copy()
if hmac.compare_digest(hexdigest, i.hexdigest()):
return True
return False
async def handler(request):
query = request.query
token = query.get('token')
hexdigest = query.get('hmac')
if not token and not hexdigest and (authorized_tokens or hmacs):
return web.Response(status=401, text='Missing token or hmac')
if 'chat_id' not in query:
return web.Response(status=400, text='Missing chat_id')
chat_id = query['chat_id']
chat_id = int(chat_id)
except ValueError:
chat_id = await client.get_peer_id(chat_id)
except BaseException:
if authorized_tokens or hmacs:
logging.exception('Exception occured while getting chat id of %s, returning 403 to hide known chats', chat_id)
return web.Response(status=403, text='Forbidden')
if 'message_id' not in query:
return web.Response(status=400, text='Missing message_id')
message_ids = query.getall('message_id')
if any(True for i in message_ids if not i.isnumeric() or i == '0'):
return web.Response(status=400, text='Invalid message_id')
if authorized_tokens or hmacs:
if not token or not verify_token(token):
if hexdigest:
if not verify_hmac(hexdigest, chat_id, message_ids):
return web.Response(status=403, text='Forbidden')
return web.Response(status=403, text='Forbidden')
message_ids = list(map(int, message_ids))
messages = await client.get_messages(chat_id, ids=message_ids)
if any(True for i in messages if i is None):
return web.Response(status=400, text='At least one of the messages does not exist')
if any(True for i in messages if not
return web.Response(status=400, text='At least one of the messages do not contain media')
max_size = 0
for i in messages:
max_size += _get_file_info(i).size
status = 200
offset = 0
end = max_size - 1
if range := request.headers.get('Range'):
if range.startswith('bytes='):
match = bytes_regex.match(range[6:])
if not match:
return web.Response(status=416,
text='Failed to match range with regex',
'Content-Range': f'bytes */{max_size}',
'Accept-Ranges': 'bytes'
tmp_offset =
tmp_end =
if tmp_offset:
offset = int(tmp_offset)
if tmp_end:
end = int(tmp_end)
elif tmp_end:
offset = max_size - int(tmp_end)
return web.Response(status=400,
text='Both range sides missing',
'Content-Range': f'bytes */{max_size}',
'Accept-Ranges': 'bytes'
if offset < 0 or offset > max_size or end >= max_size or offset > end:
return web.Response(status=416,
text='Range not satisfiable',
'Content-Range': f'bytes */{max_size}',
'Accept-Ranges': 'bytes'
status = 206
return web.Response(status=416,
text='Unknown range type',
'Content-Range': f'bytes */{max_size}',
'Accept-Ranges': 'bytes'
length = end - offset + 1
headers = {
'Content-Range': f'bytes {offset}-{end}/{max_size}',
'Content-Length': str(length),
'Accept-Ranges': 'bytes'
if content_type := query.get('Content-Type'):
headers['Content-Type'] = content_type
if content_disposition := query.get('Content-Disposition'):
headers['Content-Disposition'] = content_disposition
async def download():
tmp_offset = offset
tmp_length = length
for i in messages:
if tmp_length < 1:
size = _get_file_info(i).size
if tmp_offset > size:
tmp_offset -= size
async for chunk in client._iter_download(i, offset=tmp_offset, limit=131072, msg_data=(chat_id,
yield chunk[:tmp_length]
tmp_length -= len(chunk)
if tmp_length < 1:
tmp_offset = 0
return web.Response(status=status,
app = web.Application()
app.add_routes([web.get('/', handler)])
async def main():
await client.start(bot_token=config['telegram'].get('bot_token'))
runner = web.AppRunner(app)
await runner.setup()
site = web.TCPSite(runner, '', port)
await site.start()
await client.run_until_disconnected()