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Update Compass QoL Enhancer to 1.26.0
- Add refresh button to learning tasks
2024-02-07 14:20:12 +11:00
Abort Network Requests on Escape.user.js Add Abort Network Requests on Escape 2023-09-19 21:02:01 +10:00
Anti-Thot.user.js Initial commit 2022-07-01 21:43:46 +07:00
Archive Site Links.user.js Update Archive Site Links to 1.1.0 2023-08-30 11:27:05 +10:00
Auto Cloudflare Email Protection Decoder.user.js Initial commit 2022-07-01 21:43:46 +07:00
Catbox Max Files Disabler.user.js Initial commit 2022-07-01 21:43:46 +07:00
Compass QoL Enhancer.user.js Update Compass QoL Enhancer to 1.26.0 2024-02-07 14:20:12 +11:00
Elements with ID lister.user.js Update Elements with ID lister to 1.0.14 2023-08-17 16:24:55 +10:00
Hide sticky elements.user.js Update Hide sticky elements to 1.1.1 2023-09-28 20:11:27 +10:00
Image Loader Placeholder Remover.user.js Update Image Loader Placeholder Remover to 1.23.3 2024-01-09 11:10:26 +11:00
LICENSE Initial commit 2022-07-01 21:43:46 +07:00
MediaWiki Redirects Fixer.user.js Update MediaWiki Redirects Fixer to 1.0.1 2024-01-02 11:23:15 +11:00
Quizizz Force Show Answer.user.js Initial commit 2022-07-01 21:43:46 +07:00
README.md Update Compass QoL Enhancer to 1.26.0 2024-02-07 14:20:12 +11:00
Tumblr Unnagger.user.js Update Tumblr Unnagger to 1.0.2 2024-01-27 15:37:43 +11:00
Wayback Machine Toolbar Toggler.user.js Update Wayback Machine Toolbar Toggler to 1.1.1 2023-08-14 08:33:28 +10:00
accounts.jpg Initial commit 2022-07-01 21:43:46 +07:00
nightly.link buttons.user.js Update nightly.link buttons to version 1.2.4 2022-12-30 16:55:02 +07:00
pywb Toolbar Toggler.user.js Update pywb Toolbar Toggler to 1.0.1 2024-01-23 21:08:31 +11:00


User Scripts

User scripts I made to deal with some itches

Abort Network Requests on Escape

A userscript that automatically cancels network requests initiated by Javascript when Escape is pressed


Hacky script to get rid of thot notifications

A userscript that adds buttons to the monkey menu that lets you open sites in the Wayback Machine and archive.today; also lets you archive pages

Auto Cloudflare Email Protection Decoder

A reimplementation of Cloudflare's email protection code so that I don't have to enable scripts to see emails again, inspired by this article

Catbox Max Files Disabler

Hacky script to disable the client-side file limit per tab

Compass QoL Enhancer

A userscript that adds small but useful features for Compass. Features are:

  • The ability to close windows by clicking on the background
  • Calendar events now being links (they work with Link Hints now! you can also ctrl+click on "standard classes", events, and learning tasks)
  • Calendar events now show their end time without having to being hovered
  • Tabs are now links (you can refresh pages and the tab will automatically open. you can also ctrl+click on them)
  • Files and folders in Resources are now marked clickable (Link Hints can now open them!)
  • Revealing extra features in Resources (such as filter, created by, and permission information)
  • File upload buttons now work with Link Hints
  • Fix submitting links by simply pressing Enter
  • Links inside lesson plans now open in the parent tab by default instead of creating a new tab
  • Links submitted to learning tasks are now actual links (they now work with Link Hints and they can be ctrl-clicked)
  • Ctrl-clicking an activity in a user's learning tasks tab no longer collapses everything else
  • Learning tasks now being links (you can ctrl-click them)
  • Opening a learning task will automatically add its ID to the URL
  • Learning tasks' grades and general visibility are now shown
  • Add refresh button to learning tasks view
  • The previous/next buttons and sessions dropdown are now links (you can now use Link Hints and ctrl-click to open them)
  • Class and news feed items can now be opened by simply clicking on their background
  • Make links in Looking Ahead actual links (you can ctrl-click them and they now work with Link Hints)
  • The context menu that only says "Copy" is now suppressed
  • Workaround a Link Hints bug that prevents it from seeing links inside lesson plans and such
  • Files and folders in Resources are now sorted alphabetically
  • Reopening panel tabs and learning tasks when the URL changes
  • The main navigation bar is no longer hidden behind masks that don't span the entire viewport
  • Clicking on "Loading Class Items..." does nothing now instead of reloading the current page
  • Preload subjects and classes when the page loads
  • The option to remember logins is unchecked by default
  • The dashboard tab in a user's profile no longer points you to #dsh
  • Pages can no longer be scrolled if a window is currently open
  • The user's last name is hidden on learning tasks

Elements with ID lister

A userscript that adds a "Show elements popup" option to the Monkey Menu which lists all elements with an ID

Hide sticky elements

A userscript that adds a button to the monkey menu to hide and unhide sticky elements

Image Loader Placeholder Remover

Removes image loading placeholders from images loaded via Javascript, such as https://closeronline.co.uk, https://wired.com, and https://knowyourmeme.com.

MediaWiki Redirects Fixer

Fixes redirects of pages with anchors on Wikipedia/MediaWiki instances when Javascript is disabled

A script to add nightly.link buttons on artifacts and build logs to view them without logging in

pywb Toolbar Toggler

A userscript that adds a "Close toolbar" and "Open toolbar" button

Quizizz Force Show Answer

A man yelling "I DON'T WANNA", followed by sign up/login boxes

Tumblr Unnagger

A script that removes several login/account walls on Tumblr

Wayback Machine Toolbar Toggler

A userscript that replaces the "close this toolbar" button with one that lets you reopen the toolbar; its collapsed state is also saved