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Update Elements with ID lister to 1.0.6
- CTRL+Clicking links no longer closes the dialog box
- Tapping on the background on older browsers will now close the dialog box
- Fix the dialog box from clipping out of the screen on older browsers
1 week ago
Anti-Thot.user.js Initial commit 11 months ago
Auto Cloudflare Email Protection Decoder.user.js Initial commit 11 months ago
Catbox Max Files Disabler.user.js Initial commit 11 months ago
Elements with ID lister.user.js Update Elements with ID lister to 1.0.6 1 week ago
Image Loader Placeholder Remover.user.js Update Image Loader Placeholder Remover to 1.7 2 months ago
LICENSE Initial commit 11 months ago
Quizizz Force Show Answer.user.js Initial commit 11 months ago Add Elements with ID lister 1 week ago
RESser.user.js Update RESser to 1.4.1 5 months ago
accounts.jpg Initial commit 11 months ago buttons.user.js Update buttons to version 1.2.4 5 months ago

User Scripts

User scripts I made to deal with some itches


Hacky script to get rid of thot notifications

Auto Cloudflare Email Protection Decoder

A reimplementation of Cloudflare's email protection code so that I don't have to enable scripts to see emails again, inspired by this article

Catbox Max Files Disabler

Hacky script to disable the client-side file limit per tab

Elements with ID lister

A userscript that adds a "Show elements popup" option to the Monkey Menu which lists all elements with an ID

Image Loader Placeholder Remover

Removes image loading placeholders from,, and (article only).

A script to add buttons on artifacts and build logs to view them without logging in

Quizizz Force Show Answer

A man yelling "I DON'T WANNA", followed by sign up/login boxes


A script to add more keyboard shortcuts to old reddit that I feel too hacky to add into RES (requires RES). Keyboard shortcuts:

  • v/n: Reveal all text spoilers
  • Enter/Shift+Enter on a crosspoted item: Open a crossposted item instead of its link (sometimes also opens its link, no idea how to fix)
  • Shift+Enter on Continue this thread: Opens a thread in a new tab